Adolph Mongo

Adolph Mongo, Detroit based political strategist and commentator has had a fascinating career in Detroit politics. He has served as a consultant and strategist for Detroit Mayors Coleman Young and Kwame Kilpatrick. During the Kilpatrick campaign, Adolph Mongo’s famous attack ads resulted in an upset win for Kilpatrick over Freman Hendrix in the 2005 mayoral campaign.
Adolph Mongo also served as one of the key players for attorney Geoffrey Fieger in his bid for governor of Michigan in the 1998 Democratic Party primary. He has also been campaign advisor in elections that have resulted in victories, including six Michigan Court of Appeals Judges, five Circuit Court Judges, three Wayne County Prosecutors and two U.S. Congressman. He has also acted as consultant for two U.S. Presidential Candidates. Adolph Mongo has also served as consultant  for Ken Cochran, acting mayor of Detroit after Kilpatrick resigned from office in 2008 and to Jim Blanchard during his campaign for Governor of Michigan.
Adolph Mongo has also been involved in community affairs and as activist and media consultant in his hometown of Detroit. In 1998, Adolph Mongo led a protest against the Detroit Medical Center after a white nursing supervisor at Sinai Hospital demanded, in the form of a sign posted outside, that black people, which included medical personnel,  not to be admitted into a 74-year-old white patient’s room. The incident resulted in the supervisor being fired later.
Adolph Mongo was also instrumental in the protests that resulted in the release of three black students that had been falsely accused of killing a Taylor, MI white woman in 2007. The real killers were arrested later and convicted for murder. He also protested the NAACP for honoring Kid Rock in 2011 because the singer supports the use of the Confederate Flag.
Adolph Mongo has over twenty-eight years of professional experience. He has been a news writer in Kalamazoo and Detroit in Michigan and also in Maryland and Colorado. He also served as a military journalist when he served his country as a United States Marine. His experience also includes time as a political strategist, media consultant, community activist and urban education recruitment expert.
Adolph Mongo is currently working on his first book about Detroit politics which is to be released soon. He currently has offices in Washington, DC and serves as consultant for several well-known political figures. He returns to his beloved hometown of Detroit, Michigan frequently and is still active in Detroit politics.  He also currently serves as a consultant to the owner of the Ambassador Bridge, Detroit International Bridge Company. The bridge connects Detroit, MI with Canada and is one of the busiest border crossings in the United States.